The most powerful Blockchain Based Media ICO Platform

Using blockchain technology, we aim to restore readership and secure financial sustainability for publishers.

BizzNerd digital marketplace

BizzNerd is a digital marketplace powered by the BIZZZNERD token on Stellar Blockchain.

All app purchases (a user buying game or service) inside the marketplace are converted to BIZZNERD trades on the SDEX.

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Favorite Platform For Publishers

To support quality writers and publishers, we released our BIZZNERD token.

We can’t gather the best experts in one place, but certainly we readers can reward them with some donations across all networks.

BizzNerd will establish a strong relationship between publishers, readers and advertisers. And BizzNerd ICO will be a synonym for all services from the publishing industry.

With every purchase stake BizzNerd token or tip your favorite publisher or writer.

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Let’s Make News Great, Again

Ecommerce & blockchain

We want to use cryptocurrency for its transactional efficiencies to build the best platform to sell on. BIZZZNERD is designed to be a marketplace that empowers publishers.

Fast and secure

Because BIZZNERD is powered by the Stellar Lumen blockchain, it has lightening fast transaction speeds, close to zero transaction cost and proven security.

Earn cryptocurrency

Earn cryptocurrency by staking BIZZNERD token or by selling and purchasing items/services.

Reward publishers

Reward writers and publishers, not only on BizzNerd, but across all networks. Let's strive to better and independent content from major news media.

Sell on our marketplace

BizzNerd token will be used only for specific digital assets like games and app. Existing business owners have a whole new audience to market towards.

Crypto Trading Platform

BizzNerd token can be changed to any currency almost instantly.

The future of news starts with us


We issued a BizzNerd token on Stellar Blockchain to raise capital for the development of our platform by selling an initial supply of tokens.

BizzNerd Publishers Platform

An end-to-end publishing media platform combining state-of-the-art digital newsroom software and workflows backed with blockchain technology.

BizzNerd Marketplace

BizzNerd token will be part of a large marketplace where members will be able to buy or sell specific services or digital assets related to the digital marketing industry.


Here is our history in the making.

Download Token WhitePaper

Buy BIZZNERD token and bring real change to the publishing industry.


  • 1m
  • 125m
Softcap in 103 days Token Hardcap

Pre-Sale Frequently Questions

You can join our Keybase channel and ask help from designated Support members or post your problem to #general and get answers from community who is there for you 24/7.

How to add BIZZNERD token to your Wallet?

BIZZNERD is a Stellar token, so you can store it in any Stellar-compatible wallets or exchanges. If you are using SDEX exchanges like Stellaprot, StellarX, Interstellar, StellarTerm, Scopuly or wallets like Solar, Keybase, Litemint and Lobster just find a BIZZNERD asset to add to your asset lists.

What is the pre-sale start date?

Although we are continuing to work on BizzNerd, the token is already available on several Stellar DEXs (decentralized exchanges), or you can buy it directly on our website with main Crypto, such as BTC, BTC Cash, ETH, Litecoin, USD Coin and get up to 5% BONUS tokens upon the purchase.

How much is BIZZNERD total supply??

Our total supply is 500 million BIZZNERD.

How to Join BIZZNERD Luna Drop And Claim Free BIZZNERD Tokens?

To join airdrop, you’ll simply need to add BIZZNERD to your trustlines and fill out the following form.
We will send each participant 5 tokens for the first airdrop and additionally 1 token for following our Twitter or Keybase account.

Our ICO Distribution


BIZZNERD is an asset running on the Stellar network.



Decimals: 7

Total supply: 499,999,999 BIZZNERD

Circulating Supply: 99,500,000 BIZZNERD

Token Distrbution